29 September 2009


As it has been said
Love and a cough cannot be concealed
Even a small cough
Even a small love"
Anne Sexton

28 September 2009


things scatter
and open and break and soften
love is messy and beautiful
and sometimes
so, so sad

15 September 2009


new york city.
there is no place like this.
it is a living, breathing, humming, heart-beating-fast creature.
it is filled to the brim with people, art, energy, passion.
it is beautiful and inspiring and incomparable.
i love it and i miss it every day.

14 September 2009


already dreaming
of leaving

07 September 2009


today i fell a little in love with this city i live in.
walking without destination.
discovering so many beautiful little details.
there is nothing like a long, long, quiet walk to make you know a place.
and to fill you with a sweet balance of memories and dreams.
sadness and hope.
sometimes being alone is really okay.

04 September 2009


treasured west coast moments...

02 September 2009


just back from a wonderful (if bittersweet) vacation on the beautiful
west coast.
i am still a bit sleepy and adjusting to being home and being alone most of the time.
i did return to the suprising treat of autumn in the air.
bundled up in blankets last night but left the windows open wide.
it's strange not to be returning to school this fall as i did the past two years. it's strange to not really know how my life is going to feel starting next week.
but i am here. i am happy to be home.
i am enjoying seeing everything with these new, refreshed eyes.
vacation pictures and stories to come.
enjoy today.