31 January 2011

one hundred and twenty eight

january has been a long, long, challenging month
i am so happy to say hello to february 
ready for newness
ready to burn brighter
shine brighter
love more

watching the changes in this sweet little plant, 
a gift from a sweet little dancer, 
has been 
a daily reminder 
that growth and beauty 
and delicate loveliness
can still be found
in the endless winter

gives me hope.

30 January 2011

24 January 2011

one hundred and twenty six

as i was waiting for the train
instead of just standing there 
and staring down the tracks 
as most people do
i decided to really open my eyes
searching for the tiny details
in the sheltering walls 
that i usually never notice at all

it's funny...when life feels especially challenging
and i am getting that feeling of being isolated, being stuck
i find it incredibly inspiring and comforting
to not take a step back
but take a step in
to see ordinary things as if for the first time
newness on daily paths
sweetness in the simple
brightness in the cold
magic in the mundane


 soul sticker

for susan

message to someone

perfect circle


23 January 2011

21 January 2011

19 January 2011

one hundred and twenty three

icy branches

sunrise on the train

17 January 2011

14 January 2011

one hundred and twenty one

two new collages
crafted during the snowstorm


12 January 2011

one hundred and twenty

snow day!
a blizzard is happening right now and i couldn't be happier.
twinkle lights are lit up, coffee & green smoothie in my belly, 
wonderful music from my favorite morning dj.
i made a little list of things i want to do today.
it's quite an awesome list.
includes things like:
meditate, make a collage, upload new photos, practice yoga, 
and watch movies in bed.
even though my heart is on another coast,
and i really wish i could share part of this fun day with 
one of my faraway kindred spirits,
i am content. 
i am grateful.

a few more images from holiday time....

10 January 2011

one hundred and nineteen

this is what home looks like...


09 January 2011

one hundred and eighteen

*Salem Sunday*

in honor of the new year and magic and beauty and everyday magnificence
i'll be doing something every sunday from here on out
i'll be walking about my sweet town
opening my eyes
seeking out one small slice of 
something unique
and beautiful
a little glimpse of an untold story

here is the first:

04 January 2011

one hundred and seventeen

happy new year
i am so smitten with these days
the sun setting on one year
and shining on another
i am hopeful
i am thinking 
i am dreaming 
(of course)