30 January 2010


the moon is not only beautiful
it is so far away
the moon is not only ice cold
it is here to stay

(cat power)

29 January 2010


a frozen friday
as these
january days
slip quietly
and all looks
from here
holding on
to that sliver
of sun

27 January 2010


*the simple things*
inspired by Christina over at the beautiful Soul Aperture

winter sunshine streaming in the windows
a big mug of strong coffee
a message from a faraway friend
yoga every day

the look of discovery on a child's face
watching squirrels play
a smile passed between strangers
the pacific ocean

a very long walk
scrabble games with my mom & brother
a bag filled with library books
the promise of spring


and of course...

24 January 2010


been spending a lot of time inside lately.
not indoors, but inside my mind and heart.
thinking, listening, wondering, dreaming.
and in the end,
knowing that my path will be turning soon.
the devastation in haiti has sparked something deep down.
and i am certain now
that what i need and want and must do
is let everything here go and dedicate myself to service.
my work is a blessing, and i'll never take for granted what a gift it is to be able to dance and teach dance to bright and brilliant little souls.
but there is something more that i need to do.
the peace corps application is bookmarked.
my heart feels, at once, so light and so full.


14 January 2010


little secret magic messages
are all over the place.
just take a closer look.

13 January 2010


tonight my heart is with the people of Haiti.

11 January 2010

10 January 2010


falling stars

so many electric nights
we walked
quietly arm in arm
slept in a sweet tangle
and watched a city unfold
you kissed me
at the eagle tavern
in the apollo theater
in the dark of my room
malls and miles
whiskey and ice
i hold on to you still
back of my mind
top of my heart


photo by Edward Weston

thinking about love
and loneliness
and how the cold, cold weather
makes me think of these things constantly.
it must be in our nature
to wish to be warm beside someone.
to share this strange and beautiful life with another.
to go through all the pains of love for a few sweet, fleeting moments.

alone is okay.
alone can be amazing.
but i can't help dreaming.
and thinking that together sure would be nice too...

06 January 2010


a bit of a bumpy first week...
but it will get better.
just letting things be.
walking through it.
waiting it out.
trusting myself and life to find the way back to inspiration.
this friday i will perform for the first time since moving here.
it is a lovely solo that a friend choreographed.
it is about loneliness and vastness and letting go.
stories i know very well these days.
it will surely be strange and wonderful to be onstage again.
i am scared and thrilled at once.
and that is the beauty of being a performer.
you never, ever stop feeling that quickening,
that lovely and terrible wonder.
that sweet, crisp awareness that you are
absolutely and truly
opened up.

03 January 2010

01 January 2010


*cheers to 2010*