28 December 2010

one hundred and sixteen

diving into 
and through
days and years 
that have passed and gone
this very moment
deep waters
dark paths
a million 
bright lights 
that remind me
it is never too late
to forgive
to love
to begin again.

23 December 2010

one hundred and fifteen

...on the threshold...

one hundred and fourteen

this lonely winter gull
flies in the sky outside my top-floor window
and tugs my heart 
california seaside tomorrow
family and friends and little ones growing up
laughter and rest and magic
and time passing so sweet and so slow
merry christmas
may your world be filled with love

19 December 2010

one hundred and thirteen

the path is turning again
unknown things
as always
as ever
sadness and joy 
and i must 
let it all be
and remember that everything
works so much better 
when i breathe
and love
put all of my trust into
this big 
wild heart

17 December 2010

one hundred and twelve

perhaps the sweetest 
holiday message ever
from one of my young students
so much love

one hundred and eleven

 december goes so fast
and sunshine is like medicine 
when the air bites with cold
and i take things quietly, easily, softly
i let go
and i let go again
i am learning to be as thankful for the challenges
as i am for the joys
i am learning to love
what is right here

26 November 2010

22 November 2010

one hundred and eight

dear san francisco,
i miss you.

one hundred and seven

 the beautiful world
(as seen on my walk from the bus stop to work each day)

15 November 2010

one hundred and six

it's been far, far too long since i've posted here.  
life has been happening.
quiet and full and rich and sad and sweet.
and it goes on and on...

some random images for today:

 kiss in the morning light

 note to self

collage-making on a gray monday

the magic salem seaside

07 October 2010

one hundred and five

themes of this season
 (and perhaps this life)
 letting go


22 September 2010

one hundred and four

some more little joys...

taking my breakfast up the loft ladder and back to bed!

the public library...one of my very favorite places to be.

 inspiring neighborhood signs.


and finally...tonight's breathtaking autumn moon. 

21 September 2010

one hundred and three


...so strange how they choose to surface.
how certain funny, tiny details stay with us.
and other, perhaps bigger, things seem to slip away.
this morning in yoga class, a place where many thoughts
and memories and dreams emerge, we were backbending and 
all of a sudden i had a crystalline memory
of these delicious chocolate banana malted milkshakes.
they were from the old-fashioned burger place
right next door to that one apartment he rented in the mission district.
he would meet me there sometimes
or i'd surprise him with a stop there on my way over.
and we'd sit on his bed and delight in the yumminess of the shakes.
and we'd laugh and love the night away.
though bittersweet, i am thankful for this little memory.
it makes me smile.
and linger, for a moment, 
in that space that is long gone.
sweet and fleeting and true.

20 September 2010

one hundred and two

a few things 
that have made me happy lately...
  my sweet view as i wait for the morning train:

salad with flowers:
silly subway ads:

new york city:

walking everywhere:
gift of jewels!  (thank you Se'lah and Cinner):

12 September 2010

19 August 2010


for now...

late summer 
balmy nights

walking over
over bridges
through towns
we lived in

the seaside
weeping willow 
and breezes
and boats
and daydream 

i wake up to the sky 
shining down

 i think
i might
be home

02 August 2010


the quiet rainbow

14 July 2010


 a day in salem, ma
(my new home!)

29 June 2010


back to the west...