27 November 2009


thanksgiving weekend...a very nice, slow time to rest and rejuvenate.
it's been lovely so far and
many more good things to come...

i've been dreaming a lot, worrying less than usual, wondering what the new year will bring.
life is full of surprise and delight and a thousand little marvels.
i'm taking the clouds away from my eyes.

22 November 2009


a few years ago i started a little mantra practice to guide
my breath and keep me connected during yoga classes.
inhale one word,
exhale the next word.
for all this time i have had just two sets of these words
and they have guided me well.
but this morning, on the mat, another one just bloomed inside.
and now there are three.


i am happy today.
here is a little captured vision of home...

15 November 2009


a november afternoon in short sleeves.
cross-country airplane tickets purchased.
a boy with a tiny journal peeking out of his jeans.
puddles and puddles of yellow leaves.
dancing that swept up my heart and holds it aloft still.
possibility and inspiration...
swimming (finally) to the surface of my thoughts.


coming out of a bit of a slump

noticing that life is quite beautiful, all around me

realizing that i have a whole lot to be grateful for

excited for things to come

i am learning every day

01 November 2009