21 September 2010

one hundred and three


...so strange how they choose to surface.
how certain funny, tiny details stay with us.
and other, perhaps bigger, things seem to slip away.
this morning in yoga class, a place where many thoughts
and memories and dreams emerge, we were backbending and 
all of a sudden i had a crystalline memory
of these delicious chocolate banana malted milkshakes.
they were from the old-fashioned burger place
right next door to that one apartment he rented in the mission district.
he would meet me there sometimes
or i'd surprise him with a stop there on my way over.
and we'd sit on his bed and delight in the yumminess of the shakes.
and we'd laugh and love the night away.
though bittersweet, i am thankful for this little memory.
it makes me smile.
and linger, for a moment, 
in that space that is long gone.
sweet and fleeting and true.

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