20 February 2010


the skies were bright 
the sun was warm
my heart was light.
soaked it all in with
a long walk and
a big smile.
 and then...
home to my mailbox to find my *gift of jewels* waiting for me. 
what an absolute delight!  
many thanks to beverly for the most lovely and thoughtful little gifts.
and to se'lah for organizing this wonderful exchange.  
i really, really enjoyed the entire thing.  
the one i crafted was received recently too and the sweet recipient posted about it here.
the simplest things can bring such happiness...
and lastly...
this past week has been full of artistic inspiration.
sparking and sparkling inside.
a dear friend who makes exquisitely beautiful music
came to visit from far away.
we dove deep into conversations and spent some
thrilling time in the studio, sharing and improvising and planting
the seedlings for this new piece.
a true honor and joy to be embarking on this collaboration.
i feel alive and awake.
cannot wait to see what happens next.


  1. Sounds like you've had a glorious day! So glad your jewel arrived safely. May you enjoy for a long time to come. ;)

    thanks again for participating. It was such fun to meet a wonderful new friend.

  2. Hello Dear Libby!

    I see your gift of jewels arrived to you safely.:o) I am so happy that you enjoyed them and even more happy that we have met. I will be adding you to my list of favorites, I most certainly do not want to miss my visits here.:o) Thank you so much for the lovely posting, so kind of you. You take care and enjoy a lovely coming week.



  3. Hi Libby! I'm glad I finally know who to thank for my 'gift of jewels', I was so excited when it arrived and loved the collage but had no idea who had sent it or whether they had a blog or not! So glad to find your blog home and I see you have added me to your links already - thank you so much, I'll be adding you to mine now I know where your blog is!!