01 July 2009


two years ago i left my home of san francisco and began graduate school for dance in new york city. auditioning for grad school had been a bit of a whim...i only went for one school and i didn't entirely expect to get in...i certainly wasn't sure at all that i could leave my family, friends, loves, and a career that was wonderful and fulfilling in so many ways. but i did get in, i did leave, and there began my first starting over story.

two weeks ago another story began. i left new york, a city i came to love wholeheartedly, to live in Boston. an incredible job opportunity here could not be passed up and so, yet again, i am looking at a clean slate. empty apartment walls, unfamiliar streets, a city full of strangers, miles and miles of unknown things.

and this is all okay. i'm learning as i plunge into my 30's (yikes) that, while much can be said for the stability and comforts of the familiar, life is really revealed to me in these moments of uncertainty, of figuring it out. i am always looking, always learning. there is no space for complacency. there is only the present moment and my best attempts to live it well.

i'm not exactly sure what this blog will be but i'm excited to get it up and running on this dreary july morning. i imagine it will be made up of many little pieces of life...photos and stories from the everyday extraordinary. all those small daily things that keep me inspired, curious, and bright.

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